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Technical jargon and abstract theories can over-complicate marketing and copywriting. Simplifying what we know into practical “guidelines” can help us focus on real-world results:

Marketing and copywriting tend to cover a lot of ground. There’s social media, search-engine optimisation, photography and video, user-experience writing – let alone the basic writing and copywriting side.

It can be easy to get lost in all the technical details and competing theories – to the point where we’re not sure why we’re doing what.

So, how to fix that?

Pause and simplify:

  • We look clearly at each area to see what’s actually going on underneath all the technical words.
  • Then we summarise that understanding in a simple one-sentence “guideline”,
  • which we can then use to sort through competing abstract theories,

and give ourselves the confidence to focus on what we can see works.

Yours might vary, but just to illustrate, here’s how some sample guidelines might look:

  • Search-engine optimisation: Making it easier for people to find us on search engines.
  • Social media: Sharing “content” or setting up paid ads to help us market what we do.
  • User-experience writing/design: Making it intuitively easy for people to use our website, for example.

There’s more to it than that, but simplifying what we know into guidelines helps us focus on:

  1. why we’re doing something, and
  2. how it actually works in the real world.

So we can then get more creative in coming up with ways to make it happen – and produce better results.

It’s a thought, anyhow …

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