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Into the Ether

When writing or publishing anything online, it’s often hard to know what effect it has. Does anybody see it? Does anybody read or look at it? 

Sure, different “platforms” offer viewing figures and the like. But what they actually mean is often questionable. How do you know you’ve reached someone?

For companies trying to market their products this takes on a very real importance. People’s jobs depend on this stuff. (Not to mention how happy their customers are.)

The danger, I guess, lies in taking things like viewing figures and “analytics” too seriously – thinking we can read too much into them.

We can probably learn a certain amount, sure, but things like this are still very abstract – very hard to read. We’re better, I think, to rely more on instinct, and our own best judgement.

And we’re better at gauging things like that than we think: we just need to have the confidence to trust ourselves.

Readers and viewers, “marketers” and writers – we’re all human beings where it matters. And that tends to be a more reliable guide than (admittedly shaky) statistics.

Just a thought …

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