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QWERTY Experiences

Using an empirical approach to solve creative problems – in writing, copywriting, business, or marketing:

I have kind of a quirky skillset. (I once met someone with a QWERTY skillset: 120 words per minute – true story.) I tend to look at how things work.

I’ll ask questions like, ‘How do we know what we know?’ (Doesn’t always make me popular, but it does help get things done.)

Seriously. How often do we look at something that’s stated as if it were true and ask, ‘What’s the evidence?’

When looking at why something’s going wrong – writing, marketing, creative stuff – more often than you’d think, we find a distressing shortage of logic and hard facts.

Now, okay, we don’t have time to check everything – but when it’s something a lot depends on, it may be worth taking a second look.

My approach is two-fold. I’ll ask questions designed to get at the root of a problem. And then I’ll get creative about trying to fix it.

This “creative–analytical”, empirical approach tends to produce pretty positive results. In fact, it produces results that amaze people, who’d never thought to try the kinds of things I suggest.

What about you guys – have any of you had similar experiences?

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