Handful of Beans

My name’s Andrew, and Handful of Beans is my freelance copywriting business.

Why Handful of Beans? It seemed a good idea at the time – shades of Jack and the Beanstalk and a few magic beans growing into a beanstalk to the clouds.

That and it’s sometimes handy to have help when taking on a giant (especially if he’s looking to try a gluten-free diet the hard way, and wants you to help).

But, fun and fancy free aside, what does a copywriter do, anyway? (Other than corral words, make sure the semicolons don’t get out of order, and stop hyphens making a quick dash for freedom.)

Generally, he might help you express ideas (like what it is you do, exactly, and why people might want to pay for you to do it), find the right words and way to do so, keep the grammar neat and tidy without causing a pedants’ revolt – and even wandering into things like the clearest way to lay out the words once you’ve got them.

Well, it’s a start, anyway. The rest we can discuss if you’re still wondering after all about hiring a Jack-and-the-Beanstalk of all trades.